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Children's talent to endure stems from their ignorance of alternatives.

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Birthdate:May 16
Character: Nina Tucker
Series: FMA
Version: Original Anime, Before transmutation.
Age: 4
Gender: Female

Personality: Nina is a very young child who has been raised in a rather normal house hold, if by a single dad. She has been surrounded by Alchemy most of her life, and thus a good appreciation of the fantastic. She is, unlike most children her age, very interested in the way it works. Rather than being afraid of it, she seems delighted by the tiny acts of Alchemy preformed around her, especially by the Elric brothers. Her innate, curious awe endears her to most of the people that meet her. She will question, but has absolutely no fears of things that many people might find scary.

She is rather innocent, having been raised in a protected environment, but at the same time has been surrounded by things that most adults never see. This leaves her in an odd state of hyper aware innocence. She is very accepting of everyone, because of this unusual upbringing. She accepts Edward and Al into her life, and despite a little questioning at first, obviously cares about them very much. She shows an innocent amount of love to everyone she meets, as well as having a deep and loving connection with her father. She has a habit of offering her complete trust without holding anything back. As well as judging based only on what rests beneath the surface, rather than judging by the appearance of the person.

Fears: Nina is a very small child, that said, she has lived a widely varied and interesting life and shares few of the fears her peers might have. She is however, used to being surrounded by people. So being alone or separated from those people is going to scare her. She is used to being surrounded by people she trusts, without that support net is likely she will be scared of everything until she can find someone to protect her. She is also scared of losing her father, as she's already lost one parent. She will do anything he asks to keep him from leaving her behind like her mother did. It is easy to say that Nina, being a small and rather social little person, would be frightened to death of not having someone near her, to pick her up or comfort her if she needs it.

Weaknesses: Nina is a four year old. She is small for her age and very fragile, easy to break. She trusts at times to easily, not even showing fear where a normal child would run in terror. She has lived a wildly varied life for one so young and therefore has none of the normal reactions to frightening things like monsters and magic. This can lead her to great harm should someone lead her into danger with a smile.

Strengths/Abilities: Nina is a very young child with all the normal abilities of her age group. She is fairly good at building and drawing and thinking creatively. She enjoys playing games and playing with the Elric brothers. She is also very accepting, looking easily passed the outer shell to the person hiding within. This is most easily demonstrated by her almost careless handling of both Al and Ed, who could both very easily cause her a great deal of harm even without alchemy. It also shows in her fairly laid back reaction to many of the big things that happen around her. She is also very trusting, having been raised in a very safe environment, and has no reason to distrust the motives of any person who comes into her space. She loves deeply and freely, and has very little to fear from her environment. She is absolutely adorable and may cause people to underestimate her because of this, but is really quiet smart for her age group.

History: Nina has lived a fairly happy and safe life. She was born in Amestris, to Shou Tucker and his wife and lived quite happily as the poor daughter of a rather weak willed and less than extraordinary Alchemist until her father decided, when she was two years old, to aim higher, and attempted to become a State Alchemist. Her father managed to make a talking Chimera and won himself a posting. On the day before her father got his new job, her mother left. Her father told Nina that she left because she was tired of being poor. Nina knows her mother left when she was very little, and is barely able to remember her. She believes that her mother ran away and writes her letters and draws her pictures constantly in hopes that she will choose to come home. She is unaware that her mother is dead, a sad victim to her father's research. Her father very carefully hides this, and his nervousness about his future as a state Alchemist. Though Nina obviously knows that something is wrong, he keeps silent on the matter until it is too late for any other path but the one being played out to be followed. For the most part her life is one of simple joys, she stays home with the family dog and her daddy, builds snowmen and draws pictures for her mother. She is a creative and loving little girl. She is very well behaved and makes an effort to cause no trouble or stress for her father, and is very well behaved and quiet. When Ed and Al walk into her life, she accepts them both with open arms. Though she is honestly fairly confused about Al's body, she grows to accept it quickly. She quickly overcomes any lingering nervousness and spends much of her time with the brother's riding on his shoulders. She enjoys playing with the Elrics and gets roped into their adventures once or twice. She tries to be helpful, but mostly ends up being a helpful distraction for when they start thinking too hard about what they are trying so hard to do, or if studying gets to be too much and they need a break. She is also a witness, if not directly involved, in the birth of Elysia Hughes. Nina is very aware of the world around her on some levels, although on others she seems entirely ignorant and normal, and has been aware for awhile that her father is very worried about his upcoming re certification exam. She wants to help him, and is quite happy to follow him to his labs when he asks.

It's on those stairs leading to her doom that Nina trips.

Sample RP post:

Nina remembered holding her Daddy's hand, and holding Alexander's collar and walking down to the basement.

She remembered tripping, and maybe sneezing, she wasn't sure about the sneezing, but now Daddy and Alexander were gone and she was alone in a scary scary place.

"Daddy? Alexander?" She looked around. Nope, this didn't look like daddy's basement at all.

Did daddy send her somewhere on accident? She didn't think she had been here before.

Could daddy send someone somewhere on accident? She bet big brother could....'cause sometimes he thought about things and things happened. But she hadn't been holding big brother's hand, she'd been holding Daddy's. Big brother was still learning, but Daddy knew everything. So daddy shouldn't have sent her somewhere else, right?

Maybe big brother and bigger brother were here...? She chewed on her lip.

Daddy said when you got lost, you should stay in one place and wait for him to come find you. But there was someone crying pretty close, and Nina was SURE that daddy would want her to see if she could help.

"Alexander...? Daddy.....? Where did you go...? Are you lost? Am I supposed to come find you now...cause you're lost?"

Maybe it was a new game, Nina liked games. Maybe it was like hide and go seek, and Daddy and Alexander were hiding somewhere and Nina had to find them.

She didn't understand why they couldn't just play this game at home, but Daddy must know what he was doing if he brought them here...she just had to find him and ask him.

She hoped she could find him...or was dark and scary....

...She really didn't like this game.
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